Rent a Maid - Pietermaritzburg

About The Branch:

Pmb Branch has clients based over 180 customers, we offer various services to the Domestic and Corporate and Springclean and Permanent Placement services.

Prices and Downloadable Forms:

Casual Cleaning Service Application Form
Permanent Staff Placement - Job Specs
Permanent Placement Contract
Spring Cleaning Quotation Form
Job Specifications

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Casual Cleaning Service Application Form


Services Offered:

  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Corporate Cleaning 
  • Spring Cleaning 
  • Permanent Placements 


Contact Details:

Contact Persons: Alison Landwehr
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Tel: 033 3456 521 / 084 2033 332
Offices: 221 Hoosen Haffejee Street, Pietermartizburg, 3201