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About The Branch:

Hillcrest Branch has a client base of over 200 customers. We offer various services to the domestic and corporate sector.


Prices and Downloadable Forms:

Casual Cleaning Registration Form
Permanent Staff Placement - Job Specs
Permanent Placement Contract

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Casual Cleaning online registration form

(Please note the Casual Cleaning online regisration form has no banking details. To obtain banking details please Click Here to download the Casual Registration PDF.)


Services Offered:

The services we offer are Casual maids who come in on a daily basis and clean the house or office.

Gardeners who come in on a daily basis and clean the garden and pool.

Supervised Spring Cleans which comprises of a team of 3 ladies and a supervisor. We bring the team with all the equipment and chemicals and thoroughly clean the house.

Permanent Placements - we have a large base of people who come and register with us. All people who register with us are thoroughly screened, we can therefore offer reputable candidates for you to interview.

We offer you a hassle free service. We handle all time consuming problems which could arise if you employ your own staff. 

Contact Details:

Contact Persons: Estelle Gray-Browne
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Cell: 084 8822 033
Offices: Suite 4J, 8 Old Main Road, Hillcrest